Just Who Is The Antichrist?

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In order to know what something is you have to know what something isn’t. Sorry, if you believe President Obama is the Antichrist, you are wrong as well as ignorant. You have no understanding of the simple proofs of what Scripture teaches. I have to take a breath and realize the fight isn’t against flesh and blood. People have dedicated their lives and have created websites claiming him to be the Antichrist, however, with no proof at all. The term Antichrist is usually applied to individuals, organizations, churches, government by ones who fear or hate the groups mentioned.
Scripture teaches that people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. The brain of some folks have atrophied. Instead of speaking negatively about groups or organizations we should be speaking truth in love and praying for them. People who write this junk evidently have an ax to grind or are lost. I’m not an apologist for the President or anyone else for that matter and I know ignorance will always abound and never be a short supply.
What I’m most troubled by is how the beast or man of perdition has already in a way won. People are applying him in the wrong tense. They are looking at him to bring swift destruction yet Scripture teaches the very opposite. He will be accepted as a Christ like figure whom the world over loves. He will perform feats similar to the real returning King (King James Version Rev 13:13) he will have divine like attributes that merely mimics true power; so wonderful that the very elect will be fooled (Math 24:24).
(1John 2:18-22) shows many Antichrists; former members of the true church that went astray. As mentioned earlier, the term was never applied to an individual, church, government, or organization (JN 4:1-4). Antichrist has a duel meaning: one the many persons against the teaching of the Messiah or one who stands in for or rules in place of the real Messiah. The spirit of Antichrist is already in the world, ones who teach Christ isn’t and denies the power.The Antichrist or beast isn’t coming to set up a counterfeit system that rivals Christ’s coming ministry, the Beast system will promote peace not war.
Another issue that has to be dealt with is the Hollywoodization of the Mark of the Beast. It’s not going to be some outward mark of the number 666. Oh how Hollywood has scared people especially ignorant church goers to fear the number six. It’s really associated with man or mankind while 666 shows triple significance to man and to man’s accomplishments.
The beast system and the famous Mark of the Beast is a counterfeit to the millennial kingdom (Rev 13:16-17). The mark on the hand or head is associated with holy days on the mosaic calendar (Ex 13:9) also it’s referring to the weekly Sabbath (Duet 6:8), the beast is to form and start a State Church.
This is but a brief synopsis of the famous 666 that strikes fear in the hearts of many and the misunderstanding about what or who the Antichrist is. The word was used to show how people went away from the truth. John was saying they had the spirit of the Antichrist. See how bad teaching mixed with Hollyweird have themselves created a type of doctrine.


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