Kicking over Sacred Cows:The Cross or is it?

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A lot has been said about the cross or the crucifix of the Messiah. In order for us to accept truth we must accept the truth of the Scriptures. While many will have us believe he was crucified on a cross, this runs contrary to what is true. He was murdered on an upright stake.
In order to know what something is we have to know what it is not. Church history is something that isn’t being taught. We have excluded true doctrine for the doctrine of itching ears. The issue of the cross is another in a long line of offenses that helps to delude or erode orthodoxy as useless and ineffective. The word cross is stauros “an upright pale or stake” on which executions took place. The verb form is stauroō “to fasten to a stake or pale.”
It’s important to note an argument that has arisen is the Jews were complicit in having the Messiah murdered. The Messiah was more likely murdered for political reasons. He resisted Jews from giving tribute or celebration to Caesar’s Jewish New Testament, Sacred Name Bible Authorized Version (Lk 23:2).
As much as it pains people to admit this, the Bible is a Jewish book. We have to look at the fact that translators have changed so much of the Bible to make it fit certain doctrines. Take Easter for example, why is it erroneously translated as Easter in the King James Version (KJV), while other Bibles translate it properly by using the word Passover? This is another in a long line of offences that must be corrected. The word cross isn’t figurative language either.
Our English word “cross” is the translation of crux. The word never implies or means two pieces of timber placed across one another at any angle but always of one piece alone (1Pet 2:24, Acts 5:30, 10:39, 13:29, Gal 3:13). The cross itself was presented by the Third Century A.D. The Ecclesia (church) was heavily influenced by pagan culture; it is one of the reasons why God says, “Do not follow in the way of the heathen (Jer 10:2-5). This very Scripture has to do with Christmas trees as well as Christians. So much of the church succumbed to strange practices and customs.
Scripture is specific and uses plain language. The word cross is erroneously translated when it should be upright stake. In the New Testament the word stauros (upright stake) is used 28 times. Many believe it isn’t necessary for this type of teaching. We are to contend for the faith (Jude 1:3); we are to preach the whole gospel, not in part. If we are confused about this one simple issue imagine all the other parts. The gospel has been perverted by pagan influence to this day. Why does the Apostle Paul sound so American, or Peter, or John? Paul would be Shaul, Peter would be Kepha, and John would be Yochanon. The church also has been compromised by the very people that are supposed to uphold it and teach.
The execution stake is a place, the place, we are to die. It is metaphorically used in denunciation from the world and from self. It is to take on the life of the Messiah and to live for him (1Cor 1:17-18, Gal 5:11, Phil 3:17-20). We are to take our burden and follow the Messiah, we are to follow in fellowship with him (Matt 10:38).
Lastly, it is the traditions of men that make the word of no affect (Mk7:13). The reason to wear the cross is best explained in (Matt 10:38), and anyone who does not take up his execution-stake and follow me is not worthy of me.


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