Loves In Need Of Love Today, And Gays Too

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Politics, Religion, Uncategorized
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I know this is an odd title, but my point is love. The Ecclesia, which stands for called out ones, has left me numbed. I guess I’m lost to how the so called Church isn’t filled with the fruit of the spirit, but something else. To me it seems, the Church is filled with hypocrites (welcome one more). The Church will not banish incendiary remarks by Pat Buchanan whom walks in the cloak of Christendom. He doesn’t represent the body politick at all. That particular list can be quit long, even coming from Ministers who blur the line between religion and politics. My only point in using him is how he invokes God but uses racist and hateful language on the other hand, while never being called out by the Church. Galatians 5:22 speaks of being filled with the fruit of the spirit, against such, there is no law. The manifestation of the fruit doesn’t come from us willing ourselves, in this instance. I have much respect and love for my Buddhist brothers who practice and live a selfless life. Our dealings have to do with the powers of transformation, being transformed into God’s image. This change is a natural progression of wanting to be like the example he sent. The fruit are as follows love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, Temperance. The two I want to use as examples are love and temperance. This is in no way a teaching but an observation.

Homosexuality has been a hot bed issue and it should be discussed, but in a honest way. Gay’s may have it worst than most ethnic groups, but is it fair? I believe how you live your life without harming others is fair enough. Homosexuality challenges men in ways that are unwarranted. It makes us look at ourselves and our manliness in way that makes us feel vulnerable and insecure. I myself disagree with the issue homosexuality all together, but that is my choice and my choice alone. While it is my choice, I’m not going to go out and belittle others, simply because they differ. I have to say this; just don’t use the Bible to support your argument.

To sum this up, let us ask what is missing? Two key elements are missing, love and temperance. If the Church is in the business of saving folks they have to be temperate. Love is us wanting to embrace and understand while temperance allows us to not call them “faggots or punks” or any other demeaning name that we can think of, that also includes foolish jesting (idle chat).

The Church is failing to reach the unreachable with ignorant language. The Church has been guilty of this more than anyone else. If you kick a mule in the head every time you feed it, it will have enough common sense to not go back. I know this puts the Church on the defensive, but really, it shouldn’t. It’s hard for us to empathize since we ourselves aren’t partakers of that lifestyle, and sympathy, who wants that. We are all under God’s umbrella; he wants us to all coexist. All will not be converted to how we may feel about a certain issue. Lastly, lets continue with the hell and brimstone, we don’t know where anyone ends up. The hell and brimstone preaching does have a place to for people who have ears to receive it. The scriptures are speaking expressively of us and how we live and conduct our lives. The plain teachings speak of three resurrections; life, judgment, damnation. We always think we have it figured out, so you’re telling me, we have out smarted God. You’re telling me, people who believe they are gay or people who may practice a different religion who believe they are correct in their understanding; God is going to send them to a ever burning hell; think again my friends. God has a plan for the lost. Remember when God spoke of hot and cold, it is the lukewarm people who will parish.


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