My Centre

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Poetry
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The depth of blackness that crucify’s me daily
Taking my inner most self and making it a display
Shelf life with no end, spontaneity and laughing lips plague me insufferably
Reaching deeper within me an endless pit of ill repute
A deification of uncertainty
Hanging in balance my soul, soulless unknown regions
A spiraling stair case of twist and turns and turns and twists of unrelenting suffrage bagging each mystery of whom it beist
Looking deeper and more closely and image that seems to mock and make fun of my fear
A sardonic sad eye smile that reassures me never
A raging sea of froth and ilk undeniable constant stabbing pain
A light that stopped shinning or is it to deeply embedded unattainable
Coming full circle to unreality, apocalyptic fantasy reaming sweet blissful hatred
visions, outer regions exploring
Cacophonies of sounds exploding bringing truth closer to the dull shining fate of being lost
My belly cries out for peaceful solutions, retributions but my thoughts are convoluted
Crying tears of joy, wonderment, sadness, and all else that lies within me

By John The Revelator


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