A Rap on Tradition

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Religion
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Tradition, what is tradition? Is tradition a negative or a positive thing? Tradition is something that is passed down. The word can be looked at 2 ways.

1. When we use the Bible as our text. The Jewish people passed down the law and as the generations passed, tradition was also passed down. More tradition was added because of more knowledge, this is a good thing.

2. When tradition that has been passed down is more authoritative than the scripture, we have usurped the authority of the sovereign.

3.Teaching that is handed down, especially from a teacher to his disciples.

Our tradition has taken precedence over the word of Yahweh(God). You’re probably saying , “why is he harping on this subject of tradition”? Simply because we have taken and placed man made doctrine over the word. Ex. tithing, Sunday keeping, trinity, heaven, to only name a few. My question is simple, do you believe in the word or not? If I say something that doesn’t agree with what you believe, am I wrong; even I say it can be proven Scripturally.

As we have noted earlier, tradition is passed down. Because of tradition in the 21st century many fellowships have been robbed of many blessing because of ignorance. Many denominations teach tongues have been done away with. Allow me to ask a question, what is the difference between us and the Apostles; nothing! Nothing has changes one bit. Allow me to ask another question, what dispensation is this? The age or dispensation that we abide in is grace. Has this changed or been done away with the Apostles. On the subject of tongues. Scripture teaches us one day tongues will cease. When will that day be? At a time when it’s no longer necessary. When we receive our incorruptible bodies. Secondly tongues have and serve a purpose. The ones who fight this so much, can they honestly answer these questions or are they induced by tradition that was passed down from the Founders till it’s present day. In the 15th chapter of 1Corinthians tells us a few things about tongues. It is for the believer as it is for the unbeliever. Tongues is a one way conversation with Yahweh(God).

I would also like to speak about another blessing that tradition has almost ruined; healing. In most traditional fellowships the word is almost taboo. the problem many have with healing is the tradition has taught them not to look at the scriptures like a Deist. A running joke is “I once heard Satan say, if you don’t want Christians to know something, simply put in a Bible, they don’t read it anyway”. Their must be some truth to it, because Yahweh(God) is only as big as you let him be in your life. Looking at our pathetic world, it rings true to me.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it simply points out a few issues that bother me. Also the information isn’t comprehensive, you can go further and build on it.

Written By John The Revelator


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