Kicking Over Sacred Cows

Posted: March 16, 2013 in Religion, Uncategorized
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I remember Charles Capps book of the same title. His book focused on different topics that affected people people indirectly, while I wanted focus on things that affect us directly. While reading his work I always thought the title was brilliant and the idea itself to be clever. In life we go through cycles of learning and development. We should always strive to learn more and when we believe we can’t learn anymore; we die!

How it almost seems like yesterday when I had the audio book of Benny Hinns, best seller “Good Morning Holy Spirit.” I always wondered what was so impressive about it. since I didn’t learn anything about the Holy Spirit, except it was a person. This didn’t seem right to me, that will be covered. Just yesterday I was reading about Sarah Palin  writing a book about Christmas and it’s lost meaning. I’m sure she means well but Christmas is a pagan holiday. We can’t Christianize something to make it fit into a set of beliefs, that’s irrational, scripture teaches to not follow in the way of the heathen.

The Ecclesia(Church) seems to be going in cycles as well. It seems it’s constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons. Politics have taken a hold of it and rendered it useless. People aren’t desiring the sincere word anymore. I have always wanted the meat. At one point in my life/walk the meat was to heavy to digest. So I settled on the milk. As well as cycles the Church goes through shocks, shocks represent truth within the body. We are at a time when truth and not the experimental gospel just wont do.

Hopefully this series will awaken those sense’s and start us wanting or demanding the MEAT. The next in this ongoing series will be Ishtar/Easter….stay tuned!

written by John The Revelator


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