What Is A CULT?

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Religion
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What is cult? Everything that Christianity says it is. Anything that differs from Church dogma is abhorrent and irrelevant. The Dictionary of CULTS, SECTS, RELIGIONS AND THE OCCULT reads-A relatively small, often transitory religious group that commonly follows a radical leader. A cult, unlike a SECT, espouses radically new religious beliefs and practices that are frequently seen as threatening the basic values and cultural norms of society at large. Therefore, people who are involved in cults frequently exhibit antisocial and neurotic behavior. In recent times, orthodox Christians have used the term to describe those religious groups that deny the TRINITY(see trinity in statement of faith) and specifically the deity of Jesus Christ. Their teachings are contrary to historic Christian ORTHODOXY. The three dynamics of a cult are sociological, psychological (behavioral), and theological. By this definition could Christianity be a CULT?

Written by John The Revelator


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