Ken Ham Fires Back at Pat Robertson: ‘Really Sad’ He’s ‘So Misinformed’ About Creationism

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Politics, Religion
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I so enjoyed this bit of bantering back and forth. While I agree with Pat Robinson on the issue at hand, I have to willingly admit Ken Ham is correct in his belief in the inerrancy of the bible. If God said he wrote it than you must believe it is true, even if it goes against common sense and rationality as well as overall proof. I joke, but, either you believe it or not. My overall point is God could have preserved his word better as well as get “better” apologist for his word! All I’m saying, on both ends. 

Remember that big Bill Nye-Ken Ham creation v. evolution debate that, for a brief moment, ignited the spark of the culture wars? Well, Pat Robertson‘s reaction to that debate was to say it’s “nonsense” to think the earth is 6000 years old and that people like Ham are helping to “make a joke” out of religious people. Well, last week Ham fired back at Robertson and lamented how “misinformed” he is on the matter.

Robertson contended that creationists shouldn’t allow their beliefs to blind out scientific fact, arguing it doesn’t make a person any less religious to accept it. Ham took great exception to this line of thinking, in a post to his Facebook page.

This is really sad… Pat Robertson is so misinformed and deceived. Sad that so many will believe him (who is neither a scientist, nor a Bible scholar rather than open their Bibles and see that evolution and millions of years are totally incompatible with the first 11 chapters of Genesis and rather than think for themselves and check out creationist web sites like Answers in Genesis.
This isn’t the first time Robertson’s spoken out against young-earth creationism, saying in 2012 that religious people shouldn’t try to “cover it up” and pretend the earth is only a few thousand years old.

You can watch Robertson’s initial comments below, via The 700 Club:

By Josh Feldman

Posted by John the Revelator


  1. Michael Snow says:

    Ham’s own words apply to himself. He is neither a scientist not a Bible scholar. This ‘debate’ was more of a PR gig for both guys, neither of whom is well-qualified to debate the science.

    On Pat Robertson’s remarks, Augustine would concur on the need for Ham to shut up. The key point missing for Ham is natural revelation which the Bible affirms. See links to Augustine and R.C. Sproul 5 min video that puts things in perspective, at the end, here:


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