Brother Donny Reagan of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Religion
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I came across this story on 2/14/14, it literally made me laugh. Aside from the stereo types, I embraced them anyway. First, what was he rambling about, this just proves anyone can be a christian preacher. This man has single handedly created more atheist within this sermon becoming mainstream. I still can’t wrap my head around, “nationalities outside the city, hybreeding, colored, prophet of god”. Whenever someone prefaces that they are not a racist yet spews racist speech, I can assuredly say; they are RACIST!  While I believe most of the bible to be rubbish, he needs to study it before making statements he can’t back or prove. I was waiting for him to use scripture to substantiate what he was saying, we can’t have it all. He gets the TURD of the day award, tell me what you think. 

The American Jesus blog wants to know if Brother Donny Reagan of the Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ is the “most racist pastor in America.”

In a video recorded in 2013 and published by the blog on Thursday, Brother Reagan rails against interracial marriage and mixed race children calling the marriage “not right” and wondering why we can’t leave segregation “alone.”

“Today we have so much fussing and stewing about this segregation of white and colored and everything. Why don’t they leave it alone? Let it be the way God made it.”
Reading from a prepared text, Brother Reagan warns his congregation that he is probably “going to make some people mad.”

“There is a move in the message, of blacks marrying whites, whites marrying blacks.” Reagan explains “And folks think that is alright, but you know, my God still has nationalities outside the city.’

To the “amens” of his congregation, Brother Reagan read, “Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh how terrible. They hybreed the people. You know it’s a big molding pot. I’ve got hundreds of precious colored friends that’s borned again Christians. But on this line of segregation, hybreeding the people. What, tell me what fine cultured, fine Christian colored woman would want her baby to be a mulatto by a white man? No sir, it’s not right.”

Reagan also told his congregation that “If God wanted a man brown, black, white, whatever color he wanted him, that God’s creation. That’s the way he wanted it.”

Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ is located in Johnson City, Tennessee./sermon

By Tom Boggioni

Posted by John the Revelator


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