The Exodus Myth

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Politics, Religion, Uncategorized
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exodus-trailer-poster-fullFor some apparent reason, we are going through a plethora of biblical themed movies. I wrote about David and Goliath, next are two more that are slated for later in the year, Left behind and Exodus. We will delve into the rapture  nonsense at another date and time; yes, it will be an eyeopener. For today we will deal with the Exodus movie and all the flack from black christians. Is this blow back unnecessary? I’m glad the more progressive wing of blacks religious figures are coming out. What happened to them during the jesus movie. They can’t boycott them all, I guess. At lease they are some what awakened from their slumber. Religious or christian blacks should be outraged, since the director of the movie Riddle me scott claims to be using creative license with his casting. For what it’s worth it’s his movie. You have a choice to not spend money on that trash. Before I continue I came across this article that is quiet poignant.

Which brings me to Friday night. I went to see Get On Up and there was a preview for Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods And Kings movie about Moses’ story in the Bible. The first thing I noticed was that all the main characters are White. Moses is White. The Pharaoh is White. Tuya is super White and Joshua is Jesse Pinkman. Not only are these characters who are supposed to be Africans White, they’re not even remotely tan. They’re pearly White. Christian Bale is Moses, a former slave in Egypt who was using SPF infinity sunscreen because he’s still Gotham City White. You can convince me that a guy can shake a staff and make it rain locusts but I refuse to believe someone who grew up in Egypt in the sun doesn’t have a tan at least. But this is all Hollywood stuff, right? White guys are always cast in these roles and we’re all here to throw praise on a cast full of White guys no matter where or when they live. It would have been annoying enough if Scott stopped there. But look at the rest of the cast.

Not only are all the main characters White, but the servants, thieves and assassins are played by Africans. Guys. This is racist. Ridley Scott is one of those guys who’s apparently hellbent on historical accuracy but doesn’t care enough to cast a person of color as Moses or a goddamn African queen while simultaneously filling out the rest of the movie with Black servants and thieves. I could even accept him going the Louis CK route of “the best actor gets the job regardless of if race makes sense” and casting Merly Streep as Tuya, Guillermo Del Toro as Moses and Choi Min-Sik as Rhamses for all I care. But to make the main characters White and everyone else African is cinematic colonialism. It’s creating a piece of historical “art” that carries on oppressive imagery that’s helped shackle entire countries and corners of the world. For the full article go here.

I’m not going to get into the entire false narrative of Exodus. As one author puts it “this is an ancient book with an ancient point of view, not a modern book with a modern point of view”. The First 5 books of the bible are some of the most contested. Their is no proof of any of the stories from Genesis to Deuteronomy, Egypt enslaved Israel for four hundred years, Pharaoh’s army drowned in the Red Sea. These are fanciful delights stolen from earlier Egyptian stories of myth and heroism.

The thing that bothered me was, this very book was used to instill a lie about the curse of ham that was in turn used by Christians, Jews, Jehovah’s Witness, In 1929, a Jehovah’s Witness publication stated: The curse which Noah pronounced upon Canaan was the origins of the black race. Mormons, this taken from a previous writing of mine: “The Curse of Cain Doctrine-an official doctrine of the LDS Church, taught by numerous Mormon prophets and apostles since 1848 until at least 1978. They taught that “Negroes” were “cursed” and “inferior” and “children of Cain” and that Cain was a white man until turned into the first “Negro” by the LORD after he had killed Abel. Then he married his sister who became the second “Negro” and all Negroes are the descendants of Cain and the “Mark of Cain” was a black skin, flat nose, and kinky hair. The Curse of Cain was not supposed to end until after the Millennium (1000 year reign of Christ on earth); when Negro women would have white Caucasian children; a “sign” that the LORD had lifted the Curse of Cain off of the Negroes. At no time did church leaders ever say that the Curse of Cain Doctrine was their “personal opinion” or “speculation”. They always presented it as “Revelation” and called it “a doctrine of the church” in several official statements by the First Presidency. As of today the doctrine as well as knowledge of it has been white-washed and denied”.

In dealing with scripture all we have to do is simple deduction. (Gen 9:20-27) This part of scripture has been much debated and will continue to be debated. Their isn’t clear conclusive evidence why Canaan was cursed and not Ham. It stands to reason Ham must have saw a lewd act being performed on Noah from Canaan. Notice when Noah awakes he curses Canaan. To keep this brief Ham was either the middle or second son, not his youngest. The subject has been used to enslave blacks as if it’s their right to be enslaved. Notice in the movie the Book of Eli, the Bible was the book everyone wanted. It’s still being used today to enslave people by keeping them ignorant. This is a very lengthy subject that needs proper handling. My only point is to show, who was cursed.

 My only quip is if your going to use a lie as fact, at lease make the accursed of Satan BLACK. The Egyptians from the biblical account came from from Ham the progeny of the black race. My wish is for BLACK people to not support this movie as well as liberal minded Christians. I already know, blacks are going to be the main ones supporting this garbage being the biggest apologist for this film. when you’re trapped and brain washed from believing a lie, it’s hard to know the truth!

Written by John the Revelator


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