What A Fool Says

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Religion, Science
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In my continuing series Kicking Over Sacred Cows, the subject this time is Psalms 14:1 (The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good). This Scripture is problematic for many reasons. We can easily look to the psalmist David, whom many have said was gay, vile, murderous, and a rapist. What bothers me most are the stories and the little quotes of how pious and righteous the Christian is. A story from J. Vernon McGee’s book: Thru the Bible: Vol. II, A Commentary gives an example of this.
McGee says he has a friend who knows how to deal with atheists. “He was in a group of men one day when an atheist said, “I don’t believe there is a God. Man doesn’t have a soul, and when he dies, he dies like a dog.” This man went on raving like a madman. His friend waited until the group began to break up and then approached this man. He said, “I understand you said that you are an atheist.” Upon hearing these words the man launched into another tirade about his belief that there is no god. My friend said, “I would like to ask you a question. The Bible says, The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. The word fool means insane or mad man. Either you were not sincere when you talked about God as you did and you were just talking for the benefit of the crowd or you are a fool and a madman. A second part to this really struck me as odd, he then goes on to profane people with PH.D.’s. He also calls them atheists adding, “I want to say this carefully—the lowest that a man can sink in human depravity is to be an atheist. That is what the word of God says.” What these men do is tear down people who’ve done the work and who are doing the work, especially those with higher degrees or those that question upon serious study. I’m sure universities have far more believers than atheists or agnostics. We are not supposed to be mindless wanderers.
Above all other questions, we must deal with; what is a fool, and the meaning of the disjointed Scripture. When we look at the word fool, a pattern becomes apparent; it is a person that lacks wisdom, a person who acts unwisely, a silly person. The dubious issue is using characteristics to describe a fool. This is the Christian washing. The fool is unrighteous, hates what is good and loves evil. This is much different than a court jester. Prov 19:9, 10:23, mocks sin 14:9. Fools do not possess wisdom, cannot possess wisdom, and would not, even if they could. You get the point. From the Jamieson Fauset and Brown sinners are termed “fools” because they think and act contrary to right reason. A perfect example pertains to the earlier story when the good Reverend tries to pigeonhole or corner the atheist. He first quotes the Bible. Think for a second, the atheist and the agnostic (like me) do not believe in the Bible. The believer cannot judge the sinner, only his brothers in the faith. How foolish was this haughty man by calling the atheist a fool, he’s incorrect. The trick is “I didn’t call him that God called him that, I simply quoted the Bible”.
The word fool has a moral and not an intellectual context and overall is insulting. By saying I’m corrupt, is it because of my abominable works, or is it because I’m unable to do well? This is another one of those ignorant passages that doesn’t make sense. If the fool, so they say, is ignorant then why in the religious community is divorce only 1 percent better than in the secular community? It doesn’t fare any better when believers try and be partial. Some say it doesn’t mean only one thing. The Hebrew word Nabal, meaning lacking intelligence, and so-called sinful people do not believe in their one and only (Christian) God and denial of God is often accompanied by a wicked life style. This is pure idiocy. Believers/Christians are most ambiguous because by their fruits, you can’t tell where they properly stand. They believe a lack of righteousness leads a person to reject a belief in a God.
So the interpretation of Psalms 14:1 becomes denying God’s existence is commonly based on a desire to lead a wicked life. Another bad example! What is their terminology to the unbeliever? It’s exactly your definition and yours alone. It’s as if you can’t live your life without being controlled by the ancients who were all immoral imposters from David to Saul as well as Moses, Paul, Solomon, and even Jesus himself?
The Christian is going to have to answer for a lot, so everyone else is serving the wrong God, when Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic religions.
I don’t say there is no God, since that word (God) is a later invention. I somewhat believe in design and maybe it’s my personal bias for have being a believer for so long. Since we have free will, I choose to live a life of non-aggression. “Belief is a hope, not a fact”. Again maybe we were created or evolved. Religion for hundreds of years wouldn’t allow science or mathematics; they considered it to be evil. Yet science is proving much more than religion ever could. The next time you see a believer doing good chastise him or her and quote Mark 10:18 18: “And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.” I have to believe there’s something bigger than me; more out there than simply us.

Written by John the Revelator


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