The Jesus question

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Religion
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The Jesus question is difficult at best. This figure is the most popular in our histories, yet is shrouded in great mystery. We have no account of his life except from the gospels. This brings me to my first point. Out of the four gospels only John shows him as The Christ, while the others do not. The second camp simply believes he was simply a man fabricated by the Apostle Paul to be more, hence the reason why John, Peter, James rebuked Paul for teaching/preaching a different gospel. Yes, theirs a third camp, they believe he never existed. I do find it amazing that you can look to maybe one or two brief sources. If you believe in Jesus the Christ it has to be by faith and no other reason. This is a faith based question. If you believe, shouldn’t it be your duty to find out the truth. We don’t know his history, what he looks like, except he and his mission was a complete failure. He died on the torture stake for the act of sedition, crimes against the state. He never overthrew the Roman government, he was met with death instead. If the Jews are his chosen people, how is it they don’t believe in him. It’s simple, the ancients believed they, the Jews would rule. Religion is man made, Christianity is another example of this. We free thinkers want truth and proof, not simply faith. You’re belief is a hope, not a fact!

written by John the Revelator


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