Ah Choo(bullshit)

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Religion
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Jesus didn’t ask us to learn theology or psychology and make them what we live by. No, He asked us to know Him. Theology and psychology are good things and can teach us a lot, but when you put those ahead of knowing Jesus, the Person, you will become religious and your thinking will stifle your ability to receive the things of God. Peace will go out the door. You’ll make an excuse for the devil’s lies and start accepting all his trash, which will make your walk through this life much heavier and more taxing than it needs to be. A quote from Jesse Duplantis

This is insulting for any rational thinking person to make. We should test everything and try every spirit as the text says. Secondly shouldn’t we be like the Berean’s in Acts 17. This is the reason why people become irrational and stumbling blocks to themselves. Another reason why people no nothing of their Christian heritage. Slavery was built on this same concept, blacks couldn’t think or read; they had to accept. If they did and really cared they would be free. Listening to this trash I’m glad to be a free thinker. 

Written by John the Revelator


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