My Jesus Rap

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Religion
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Let me say first; I strongly dislike Christianity! It is a stumbling block to any rational thinking person, especially to black people(people of the sun). The whole of Christianity was given to the blacks during slavery. Didn’t we have a culture, a religion before the invaders. So much so that the invaders copied our ancient concepts, reinvented them and reinterpreted them. Simply think of the Jesus Myth, it was a copy of the Egyptian myth Osiris. He sacrificed his life to come back as a savior, sounds very familiar doesn’t it. Slavery gave us the image of Jesus. Every religion that has created a god is always in the image of the creators. So when we worship the image we are worshiping what was given, not what was created by the black. In other words we are worshiping “whites”, why do you think the Jews created him to be Jewish or whites within the creation of the first Pope to make him in their image. To be honest, we have no real evidence of this mans life. How is it that we have no way of knowing how he looks, yet we have pictures plastered all over walls. Doesn’t the script speak against graven images. The first time we saw the image of Jesus was the last supper painting by Leonardo de Vinci, which had his uncle posing as Jesus. Slavery was built upon concepts, concepts of deceit. We must forgive the slave master, turn the other cheek, and we will receive our reward in the great bye and bye. From MLK’s memoir, he writes about death threats he was receiving from earnest and fine christian men.”The bible is strong for segregation between the 12 tribes of Israel. We need and will have a Hitler to get our country straightened out.” Unbeknownst to the writer of the letter, Hitler did send minions to spy on meetings held by the KKK, but they thought these people were so ignorant and backwards he couldn’t use them. Even though I disagree with Islam equally, at least the NOI created there god in their image and made the religion black. If mainstream black denominations started saying Jesus was black and proved it through the bible and history of ancient Kemet which is easily proven, they’re would be a war. Many ignorant people believe this already, look at megyn Kelly and her white Jesus comments. Many blacks fall for the trap of “what does it really matter what color he is,” while on the surface that may true; as long as its not questioned that he may well be black. In Matt 2:13 the flight into Egypt, notice his family went to Kemet(land of the blacks) so he could blend in and not be out of place. This is yet but a simple reference.

Religion overall is personal, everyone thinks what they believe is the ultimate truth. That is the problem we have to coexist  and be excepting of others or not. People speak of the U.S. being a nation of laws, sure, but only when it completely fit they’re narrative. It’s time that blacks create their own religion, their own spiritual concepts. Think of it this way, all religions are man made. The creation of Christianity wasn’t by Jesus, it was by men; he never heard of Christianity. Because of fear, most would never fall away from the faith for truth, for fear fire and brimstone. What ever gets you through the day, fine. Live life and live it well.

Written by John the Revelator


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