More Jesus rants……

Posted: May 15, 2015 in Politics, Religion
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In my lost post I spoke about black men following Jesus and how it seemed odd, because it makes them leave their culture for white culture. In this particular rant I’m going to speak on something I just saw recently and a personal story. I’m a big fan of the NBA; I’ve pretty much seen every game that has been played since the playoffs started. One night this week Grant Hill was sitting in doing some analysis of the game on TNT, he spoke about Lebron James better known as “King” James. But, because of his religious affiliation he couldn’t in his right mind say the word “King,” since that’s only for the Christ. Never mind that that is simply a title. Monarchs have always used this title, even in the bible. Guess what else; women even refer to their men as Lord or master, again, titles that are for the Christ. I couldn’t help but be taken aback by this. Allow me to add more. The most popular bible because the literature not the textual criticism, I’m speaking about the King James Version. Some have said of him to having being a homosexual, who had his mother killed, while also being in a relationship Lord Buckingham of Buckingham palace. Yet saying his name sounds correct. It only proves my point evermore that this Jesus worship is bad for the black man’s thought and rational.

My other point is very personal to me. It has to deal how you listen so much to the message that you lose your identity. I was then listening to a message by a gospel artist Carmen or Rod Parsley; I can’t remember which one or probably both. He was speaking about the 50’s romanticizing at how pure and godly the time period was. How great the children were      which most white children got in trouble for was chewing gum in class, more American exceptionalism bullshit! I was so wrapped up in this biblical world that I made it my reality. Shall we revisit this wonderful time period for black people? We were second class citizens, we couldn’t vote, we couldn’t compete in the work/market place, we had third class education. To pile on some more, we had no rights, we were constantly lynched. I don’t say these things to be controversial but to remind myself as well as other blacks or like minded folk, that when you hear these messages, that no matter how many Jesus’ they use, it doesn’t remove the scars. Jesus doesn’t remove the scares, only when you correct wrong behavior with correct information can the scars be removed. What blacks attach themselves to is actually doing more harm than it can ever do good. Since all religions are man made, come up with your own spiritual systems.

Written by John the Revelator


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