The question I want to deal with in not great detail is forgiveness. As you should know by now is that 9 people were shot to death in a church while having bible study in Charleston S.C. The story goes that the white terrorist suspect sat in on the bible study for one hour before eventually emptying his clip on the unsuspecting victims. The words this white supremacist used “I’m going to give you something to pray about,” “you rape our women.” These are problematic to say the least. We understand his content as well as his rhetoric. He wasn’t crazy or insane. He knew exactly what he was doing. Somehow he believed blacks were somehow taking over the country, which is laughable. His behavior, we can not excuse, but if blacks behave or act or react, they are deemed much differently. They are looked as thugs, while Roof was looked at as having mental instabilities. Well, he was a sociopath.

Since this act took place in a Church a certain decorum must take place. Alas lies the problem; FORGIVENESS! Blacks must put on the cloak of rationality, they mustn’t break from their model, Jesus. Yet, they must forgive and show the love that Jesus must give. They’re feelings of what took place must be repacked and forgiveness must be the rallying cry. This is another way to control people from being angry and wanting real justice. This time the guise is religion, which is more convenient since the very church that the incident took place was founded by the revolutionary Denmark Vesey, whom  was assassinated for wanting his freedom and for other blacks. His church was burned down and rebuilt with new rules in place, such as no evening services, and it had to be overseen by whites, this took place until after the Civil War.

When I speak of forgiveness we don’t truly understand the meaning. We may make reference to a deity or some manuscript. It may be spiritualized beyond belief to resemble insanity. Because we aren’t covered by the blood and our understanding is darkened. I am a rational minded person but am perplexed by the notion to easily forgive, to whom, who shows no contrition, or remorse. Do I forgive “slavery,”? Do the Jews forgive the Natzi? Do the African forgive Hitler for using Namibia to advance his theories of racial supremacy? This is how Hitler perfected the concentration camps for the Jews, but first practiced on Africans. So why are we made to forgive so easily. It goes back to the mythist scriptures. Ps 103:12 as far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us. The God of the bible forgives and remembers no more. The Bible as many try to portray as a straight forward book, but the followers demean the intent.

The thought of someone telling the person that shot your love one, may God have mercy on your soul and/or repent. So you can have the same love as me an we can become brothers and sisters in the Lord, and be as one mind living together in the celestial heavens. I’m sorry, this is “insanity.” Even if we try to suppress our wrong doings, we can’t! We are emotional creatures with wants, cravings, needs, love, regret, hatred and a myriad of other complex emotions. Really, why should people feel a certain way about a piece of shit like Roof. Black believers are put in a bind. You are to bless those that use you Lk 6:28. Love your enemies Math 5:44, and to forget the past Phil 3:13-14. Has anyone ever taught you that one, the issue of shutting down and forgetting the past is irrational. If we don’t forgive are we going to hate till we become a cancer? Probably not, but the person that offended us by killing a love one, a certain burning may stay for sometime until your ready to release those negative emotions that you have emerged, wrapped yourself into. It may not be completely fair to refer to them as negative emotions. Anger is the emotion, until you deal with that individual emotion of why, only then can you let go. By casting your cares to a deity, that is cowardice and baseless solution. Your true feelings are when you are alone with complete silence with your soul/mind.

In many ways I think Michael Jordan may have a point when he says “It didn’t matter about the punishment of the two men who killed my Dad; he’s gone!” As black people in this instance, we should seek justice and never be silent. We shouldn’t hide behind the cloak of sanctity. WE should be made to express ourselves. I personally don’t think I could forget which means to forgive someone that may have killed a loved one, especially out of hate. They may eventually leave my memory, but to give them my energy is self defeating.

When you look to the mythist book, even your God almost repented for making man. So either their translation errors or we’ve been sold a farce as perceived truth. My simple advice is to love those that love you!

Written by John the Revelator


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