Where is your God!

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Politics, Religion
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Two years ago this question would have been odd to me. I was assured in my answer as well as my belief so I thought. I wrapped myself in a cloak of invisibility, not allowing my scars to show. Yet I maneuvered ready to pounce on anyone who thought differently. Then I came from my mountain high and surrounded with differing opinions, this was most dangerous. I began to arm myself with unfamiliar material from people I hadn’t yet heard of. As I read and studied I became the artist about to paint a masterpiece, I was the blank slate. From there I became a sponge, I absorbed without hesitancy a new way to view the troubling question of God. As I took on this journey it hurt, it caused great pain. Pain is the process to rebuild. It is the process for us to reach the other side of doubt and ignorance.

You may ask, where is your God? I have to say; “YOU!” You are your God. Since you (white invaders) created him. For me to let go still takes me through journeys. My travels take me to a mirror, a mirror that represents truth. It shows a black face, and then I look at Jesus, a white face. I began to look at all the other religions and I notice the faces match the region. The quandary is this Jesus person. Why doesn’t he look or resemble me? This is fair enough question, one that should be constantly asked; but! The most common answer is always the same. What difference does it make? Again two years ago this would have been my answer, today, not so much.

The culture that creates God creates the God in their image. Look at all the other religions, Hinduism, Shintoism, and Daoism; accept for Christianity all of the Gods resemble the culture. This type of brainwashing and dishonesty has the black mind in an influx, even in the darkest part of Africa Jesus is white. To me this is baffling bordering on insanity. Love, love, it’s about love and nothing else. We get misdirected and we lose the point of it all. To go even further, didn’t we have a religion before the invaders, but since it was wrapped and shrouded in dark mysteries without understanding it is thrown away and placed in the category of occultism. Notice who sets the rules, by simply saying that they didn’t say it, but the mythist god of the bible did. If we take a closer look at the word “God,” even it was a created word as recent as the nineteenth century. This word “God” has different meanings; it’s not a cohesive word.

Overall we have to look at this figure whom Paul the self-appointed Apostle created. Before I continue you do realize this is all faith based there is no evidence to prove a belief; belief is a hope, not a fact! Oddly enough Luke and a very good friend of Paul, whom walked talked, drank, prayed, laughed, yet Paul never met Jesus, even in passing. The question arises, did Jesus exist. Why not? I believe him to be a man not a deity that Paul has created for us to believe. We really have no proof of his existence except for some scant references. The best and honest source I’ve found is “The New Testament its background, growth, and content by Bruce M. Metzger,” who also is a believer. Chapter 4 the sources for our knowledge of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ Pages 74-78, not much evidence at all. Jesus is the most important figure in our time, yet he’s a mystery. We know more about his predecessors in the cult religions than we know of him. So what is the black man to believe? Our natural rights were taken. Your rights were given to “us” by a deity; taken. All men were created equal; taken. If we weren’t given the right to read and think, what makes us to believe we were given correct religion? If we need a deity or a creator being, do as the invader and create one, in “our” image.

Lastly I have a major issue with a white Jesus. It’s important that it’s recognized this way. How is it that all creation comes from Africa but the god is white? When Jesus and family had to flee they went to Egypt to blend in. Egypt then was known as ancient Kemet, meaning “the land of the blacks.” If you want to believe in a deity, at least make him black even this separates you from the dominant society and creators of this myth.

It is said that history is written by the victor, that much has been proven to be true. Our history, black history, which much more profound, it begins before slavery and after slavery. We must write and contend for our own history.

I will be soon starting a podcast on this very post, in which I will expound on in detail. It’s one thing to have an opinion; it’s another to have an informed opinion. Stay tuned for more original content. I haven’t post much original content, for I’ve been busy working a new book, which requires a lot of research. As of know, it is entitled “Woman art thou really loosed.” I take a look at how the bible views women, and you wonder why women are so mistreated in ministry. I also want to put “Kicking over sacred cows,” in long form, a teaching format; which should be a lot fun.

Written by John The Revelator


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