New Year

Posted: January 6, 2016 in Religion, Uncategorized
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2015 is outta here and in with the new, that is 2016. This year will be the year of finalizing my many projects I’ve started. The Podcast will be later this month, in which we will be dealing topics that will be controversial as well as me speaking about being a non believer, I hate titles like agnostic or atheist. They simply disqualify people as irrational, secondly I come from the faith. The conversations will based in logic and reason, not someone simply flying off the handle. The first topic I will be dealing with is women and how they are viewed in the bible and in our world today and have things really changed that much; anywaaaaaaaaaaays. Make the new year great by doing something special, especially for others… Live life and live life great.

John the Revelator


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