Prophecy, is it for our time?

Posted: January 14, 2016 in Religion, Uncategorized
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When I started this site I was then a believer, now, not so much. I grew in my then faith believing in prophecy, I read Jack Van Impe, Grant Jeffrey and countless others. I was a huge follower of Lester Sumrall who prior to his death claimed he wouldn’t see death till Jesus came back for the rapture, he died and we are still awaiting this cataclysmic event. At the time prophesy was a huge part of my existence, I had to forgive myself. I had the famous bumper sticker “In case of rapture this car will become unmanned.” At the time, I was all in. On my website in which I need to get rid of are 2 key prophecy scriptures Math 24:15, Lk 21:20. Prophecy in my later years as a believer became confusing, and here’s why. Prophecy written by prophets was written for their specific time; not centuries later. No prophet was/is able to predict what will take place in the 21st century. When it even comes to these things we don’t even know who wrote them. We don’t have the original manuscript but copies. The two scriptures I did mention have been proven in ad 66-70, Jerusalem was attacked over 40 to 60 times. I was seeing with believers eyes in way of a rapture, another bogus concept. You now why prophecy teachers are so rich, the are champion revisionist, they continue to change dates and you continue to pay.

People used the bible in the prediction of Israel becoming a nation, if you thought that was your god, then you are highly delusional; it had nothing to due with religion, it had everything to do with the U.N., U.S. Russia, England, and none of it good. Go read about foreign policy or read real history about the creation of Israel and why it’s a current welfare state.

Its easy to take an ambiguous verse out of its proper text or setting and apply it to misrepresent its true intent. Read the prophetic books as you would another book. You can always see things that are similar. When we apply things for our time today, all kinds of confusion ensues. And more reasons for opportunists to get rich, who write about prosperity, and prophecy, always does well. Think about it this way, people are uncertain of both. No one wants to die(rapture) and no one wants to be in Jesus and broke(prosperity).

Written by John the Revelator



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