More thoughts on What is This World Coming To? Exactly What Jesus Said it Would Come To

Posted: March 5, 2016 in Politics, Race, Religion, Uncategorized
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As I replay the thoughts through my mind about the writer and his revisionist history, his thoughts not mine. I had to step back and think differently about this. His memories are different from mine in how he see’s his savior. His savior is more apocalyptic, more concerned with destruction and purge. He’s not wrong, this is how he see’s the world to no fault of his own.

It still bothers me(to no fault of his own)that he would think this is the most violent, repulsive society ever created, only from a skewed point of view. Ask the slaves how they felt about being held against their will and were taught this gods will that they stay this way, it was gods will. For them to think freedom was but a right to the oppressor, think what this did to them psychology and spiritually. You are told to worship this god but with stipulations, you were read certain scriptures to retain your obedience since you could not read, purposely to keep you ignorant and in bondage for close to 400 hundred years.

Think the jews and the holocaust, how they were made to fell inferior. How they were made the scape goat for someone else’s amusement. How they were exterminated like vermin. Whats more remarkable about this story is the bible. How an evil ruler(Pontius Pilate)was made into a likable character with endearing qualities. Each gospel writer showed a gentler more kind Pilate. If you read the gospel stories it is written in a way that the jews are culpable for the murder jesus, but it was Rome that killed jesus. What were the thoughts in their minds as they were being pushed into an oven?

We have made great strides to correct history that has been so distorted. America is its own worst enemy. I say this because of the distorted memories people have of history. We have to use practice application in order to view history correctly. Our memories are constructed from our personal outlook, some view the glass half empty others half full.

To say we are living in dire times because of homosexuality and the breakdown of morals is myopic at best. I can’t stress this enough, “the law of the land is the constitution(a noble piece of paper), not the bible.” Remember Jews were under roman rule not the other way around. They were allowed to coexist, Romans believed in homo eroticism, and many gods, whats one or three more; even Caesar(homo eroticism) was seen as a demigod. My point is the bible didn’t legislate rules for a state, not then, not now. We in many was through politics being in bed with religion are leaning towards a facsist theocracy. Believe me you don’t want that, it would to the detriment even to believers. Homosexuality will not destroy “tradition” marriage, what ever that term means. The divorce rate within the church world is only a few percentage points down from secular marriage, whatever that is.

Before I go off the rails, “live and live life.” If you want to talk about this, please comment, I will respond.

Written by John the Revelator


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