The Jesus I know

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Religion, Uncategorized
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I spent almost 27 years of my life as a believer, a believer in the teachings of Jesus. The conclusion I came to is simple. I didn’t know him at all. He was presented to me by people who also thought they knew him. I knew nothing of the historical Jesus, only what was neatly compacted in the gospels. What did I know about the gospels, nothing. I took them at face value. I didn’t know they were no eye witnesses who wrote the gospels. The gospels themselves don’t claim to be written by eyewitnesses. First time the gospel writers were mentioned by name was by Irenaeus 100 to 180 years after the books were written. I didn’t know the stories were passed down orally, no one wrote anything down. We are speaking of poor people as well as illiterate people. These men and Jesus spoke aramaic and the gospels were written in very high greek. It wasn’t until 60 to 80 years after the death of Jesus were the gospels written.

I had to ask myself a very honest question. Did I know this man Jesus or was I to scared to admit it because of retribution of going to an ever burning hell, in other words I needed my fire insurance. We always put ourselves and how we live currently in place of the time these things were taken place. Jesus wasn’t some space character, some believed he was flesh and nothing more. Others believe he never existed. This is a matter of faith for you to believe. Since I’m writing from my (pov) I don’t know which. I don’t think he was divine, the gospels don’t really bare that out except for John. Mark was written first, Mathew and Luke were copies of Mark, John was/is the apocalyptic gospel written separately.

When Jesus spoke of the kingdom he thought it was going to be in his time. He thought the Roman empire was going to be over turned and he was going to be the king, ruling a literal earth. That idea failed, he was caught his disciples ran away, they couldn’t speak to what happened, only the women who where followers. The word of women didn’t count for much. He was captured and murdered for acts of sedition.The plaque over his head read “king of the Jews.” He was striving for ruler, his revolt ended in his murder.

The gospels go on to tell inconsistent stories of the man Jesus Math 15:24, 28:19, 5:9, Lk 22:36. I do not trust the bible to be an historical book or an historical account of the life of Jesus, since we do not have any original manuscripts but only copies of copies.

Easter or passover is coming, I won’t bore you with the details, except for Easter is erroneously translated in the King James. Do yourself a favor and study about this subject, only if you’re honest. This is my current journey I’ve arrived at. It has been troublesome as well as rewarding. I consider myself fortunate to have come to my conclusion by not succumbing to fear. Why should I have to fear in order to acquire knowledge or wisdom. I don’t believe in the gods of the bible or in other religions, I have my own concepts and beliefs. I do practice meditation. It allows me to have an understanding of me and my surroundings; it brings me peace.

We live in a big world, there has to be something more, maybe(jokingly) we are in an aliens globe being looked at like ants in an ant farm. As you ponder Easter/Ishtar think about why you believe. Is it because someone told you, thats how we usually come to our beliefs. Your faith is personal to you as my belief is to me. It helps me to cope with my world. I know some people will want to pray for me and look at me as lost with no hope. Thats fine, understand this, I searched long and high. I now am happy for coming to my own conclusions. As I end this, after learning what I did about Jesus, I still don’t know him, only from things I’ve read. Belief is a hope, not a fact. What ever you celebrate, enjoy!

Written by John the Revelator


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