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What do we really believe? Belief is the acceptance of what is true, their lies the question. What is truth? That beleaguers another question, what exactly is faith? While were at it, how does one come to their decision to believe…to not belabor the point, we have questions, questions that deserve answers. Whatever we put our faith in we would like to think that it represents an ultimate truth, one that reasurres us of some kind of sanity.

I once had a belief, a belief in a deity. What was the bases of my belief? Was it simply that someone else figured it out and I didn’t. I went through many facets of winding roads of finding ones self. My last journey took me through 27yrs of confusion. It wasn’t till I wanted truth, truth I could Prove to the point of clarity. Today I would say I’m confused but becoming less confused. I’ve taken on new ways of living. One is thinking through, the other is meditation.

Sometimes I become angry when I think that when my life was good, someone approached me and told me my life was low and undeserving. So I latched on, I latched on hard and deeply. The problem, I latched on without any understanding of what and why I believed a certain thing.

Today I’ve come to the conclusion that we all have value, we lose our value when we no longer care, care for humanity. We all have beliefs, all beliefs have origins. All that we have started in the deepest darkest part of Africa, the birth place of all spiritual systems. Then came the Abrahamic religions, that are so much alike, each group argues for their particular supremacy. The question is what can you prove, not what you except…expectance is for the uncurious mind.

Lastly…we have to continue to ask ourselves, is my belief truth or is it something that simply gets me by. We all need a mechanism that allows us to deal with life’s issues, if anything. It’s okay to be curious about life and life’s beginnings. As we get older, we should become wiser. Less entanglements is our goal, and clarity our ultimate goal…go out and be curious and think, ponder, expound, and always ask why do I believe.

Written by John the Revelator


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