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I recently go in contact with an old acquaintance I once worked with, he’s a good christian. I’ll call him Daniel(not his real name), we meet up at a wing joint to catch up and shoot the Scheisse. We get along great, him knowing I’m a non believer and him the opposite. We rapped about sports, catching up on family, jobs and so on. We eventually started talking about you guessed it, religion. For some reason he and his pastor who I will remain nameless, for good reason has hangups about homosexuals. A subject I don’t care about, they’re not on my mind. Live and let live is a part of my philosophy or mantra unless its affecting people directly. upon coming bored of the subject, he asked me a rather poignant question. He asked “what if you’re wrong?” I could have easily referred him to my article Pascals Wager, but I didn’t. I “pondered” the question and wondered, what if he was wrong. It takes a certain amount of arrogance to believe that what you personally believe is the ultimate truth and what everyone else believes is deserving of the lake of fire. They/he would never say that, they will however point to the bible. I too walked in those judgmental shoes, today I shake my head at the notion.

How can any one group have supremacy over every other group. So depending on where you’re born or raised “you’re wrong” and going to an ever burning place i.e. the lake of fire. This is how the Abrahamic religions feel about each other. I even came up with a concept about the 3 resurrections to defend god, the resurrection of Life, judgement, death. These are very logical assertions but today in my honest estimation; wrong. Today I have my own concepts that personally belong to me. Its okay to believe in a certain deity, thats your freedom to do so, but you can’t put your belief, which isn’t a fact above all others. The reasons we have so many wars is based on religion. One side wanting to out will the other. I ended the convo by saying “your faith is a hope of what you believe, hoping it is the truth in the end, you are simply trusting which the definition of faith means. We dapped and are planning another wing hunt in two weeks. The moral to this tale, good wings win the end. Daniel is a good family man whom I admire, we look to all the things we have in common, which is a better way to live and let live and enjoy each others company.

Written by John the Revelator


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