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We’ve entered into a new year, thats the good thing, we are able to share in another year. The question remains, how will it differ from last year? For me I can say “thinking.” Their is a quote I’ve heard and use, the origin is sketchy “It’s good to read but better to think.” Without your pride judging it, it makes sense. The year in review is helping me to focus better for 2018. I have better clarity for projects I’m currently working on. My thoughts and intentions for those projects detoured quit a bit. That’s for the reason I mentioned earlier; “thinking!” As I look at certain subjects with plenty of source material, even if it differs from my (POV) it helps with balance and better clarity.

Health is always a concern as it should be for everyone. I say this as a diabetic, it happened late in life, 37 to be exact, type 1. I’m 48 as of now, it’s something that you think about most of the day, everyday. On the bright side, it keeps you focused on health and mortality. Health is wealth, we have to first do it for ourselves and secondly for others; in my case my wife and kids.

I enjoy working out 4 to 5 days a week mixing cardio/kettle bell/heavy weights. Most is for health but lets be honest, some vanity. Even with working out it has to be combined with good eating habits. One can’t cancel out the other, it has to work in unison to enjoy the overall benefit.

If you’ve made resolutions for the new year, thats a good thing. Especially in the area of fitness, start in small increments, don’t start to lofty, thats the failure zone. The best advise I can give is. It has to make sense too you, only when you have it etched in your mind will it be relevant. It has to be a part of your process, only then will you be successful. It doesn’t matter what self help speech you listen too or book you read.

I know talking about health is a bummer, it is necessary too talk about. While we don’t the sugar industry and big pharma are talking about it, in terms we wouldn’t like very much. I’ve heard because of poor health the current generation will live less, that is startling when you think about it, in the age of technology. The sugar industry says it is fat thats killing you but the real culprit is SUGAR.

Lets look forward too the new year and all its going to yield. Hopefully my pen game will improve. I enjoy talking about a wide range of topics, while religion is the main focus. For those that care, I’m currently reading “Emancipation of a Black Atheist” by D.K. Evans, PhD. Maybe we will talk about it. One other thing I will share is the Podcast is coming soon, still trying to find a name for it that works with the various topics. My motto is “I hope you leave smarter than you came.” Happy New Year

Written by John the Revelator


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