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Life at times can be tedious and uncompromising, so we reach for that saving grace…music. For me, jazz. Jazz is a clown of sorts, it disguises itself as one thing only to be another. Its not a one trick pony, but a pony with many tricks. I was sitting back earlier today sipping some single malt scotch and listening to 2 albums I haven’t heard in a while. The first was the mind blowing Apocalypse by The Mahavishnu Orchestra. This was 73 recording produced by George Martin(no explanation needed). The clown reference I made earlier was jazz moving and shifting for the times. Players are all stripes was influenced by something or another. I remember shopping for some music and I saw the album cover.


I new I had to have it and man was I not disappointed. The record featured The London Symphony with the amazing interplay of the group. John McLaughlin the guitarist wrote probably the best music of his life. Not to be outdone was Jean Luc Ponty on violin and Narada Michael Walden on drums, these were the standouts. This recording matched rock of the times with subtle stylings of funk with a splash of dramatic classical music that was quite challenging. Also if I may add, not dead peoples music but an original score. I could go on for days about this. Go to youtube, iTunes or Spotify and give it a listen.

The second recording I mentioned was a 74 recording Sweetnighter by Weather Report.


This Album reached for the soul of James Brown or (Funk)adelic/Parliament by George Clinton who’s biography by the way was a groovy read. I remember riding down ten ten road on a bright chilly day listening to WSHA when this song came on, the bass by Miroslov Vitous so heavy I could barley contain my composure and the funk coming from my speakers. The song was 125th street congress, to this day the it is still as infectious as it was then.

As I told the Lovely Mara as I drove through downtown, the 70’s boosted the greatest music ever written the 90’s comes in a close second. Jazz shook of the dust of being a populist music to getting down and dirty, showing off its leanings of tight structure while proving there chops and improvisational skills. Joe Zawinul is no longer with us from Weather Report, but Wayne Shorter is still doing his thing. John McLaughlin is doing his last tour this year and retiring, his hands have giving up on him. By all means check these albums out, I’ll be sharing some other records that maybe you’ll dig.

Written by John the Revelator