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I hear about problems, I never hear about solutions. Real practical solutions, solutions that real people face and overcome. I understand that this is yet another of many blogs caught in the cog, you can feel that way or you can embrace the content. I write from life and life’s experiences. I tell people the most important thing in life is experience. We have to become partakers of the experience, be unafraid to show our frailties as humans. Listen carefully as I say this “your experiences determine your route” it helps you to solve problems to understand better “you” your experience. Here comes the rub. I hear we can’t or must not lean to our own understanding but to  simply cast our cares to him for he cares for us. Calm down, take a deep breath but thats the dumbest most defeatist garbage i’ve ever heard. Your greatest teacher wether you like it agree or disagree is life. Look at it this way have you meet people who aren’t therapist but have a wealth of information and their lives intact? There’s good reason for one they are probably good listeners. They read books from varying sources and share in life conflicts to a road to awareness. This is the ultimate place or road we want to be on. Now for the antidote…

These things seem simple enough, but not practiced or put into any practical application. I want to give to you three sources that Ive used through out my many years of growth and life that continue to serve me well to this very day. Mind you this is a span of twenty or more years. It has helped me to overcome obstacles and how to resist getting in my own way. We have a choice not depending on what a deity thinks but depending on what “we” think based and linked to our experiences. Since I come from a biblical background i’m here speaking in reference to to God or Jesus. If you study Romans 9 which is an interesting topic. Maybe next we can do a brief study, it will be interesting and enlightening. Either God gives us the ability to think or we think for ourselves, this is an old battle that needs to be looked at, observed and reasoned with.

I’ve broken this down in three sections, being aware, meditation, and lastly choosing to be…

Being Aware

In her ground breaking work that change my life forever “The WAY of the RONIN Riding the Waves of Change” by Dr. Beverly Potter  In chapter 11 under the title Think like a warrior page 86-87 It is easy to believe that the cause of downer emotions is external, out there somewhere, cause by something somebody else did, or didn’t do, when emotions are usually triggered by what we think about situations, the actual words in our minds and not the situation at all. How often do you hear yourself thinking, “He made me mad,” for example? Another person cannot make you mad. Events do not make emotions occur. What actually happens is that when an event occurs we evaluate it as positive or negative, good or bad, safe or threatening. Second, outside of our conscious awareness we make rapid evaluations of events, the most basic being:”Is there a threat?” Anytime our minds determine that, yes indeed, there is a threat, the stress response instantly kicks in, mobilizing us to fight or flee. All of this occurs without and conscious thought.


Another great source that helped me along the way “how to meditate” by Kathleen McDonald I will be quoting from several pages in no particular order Meditation is an activity of mental consciousness. It involves on part of the mind observing, anal yin, and dealing with the rest of the mind. Meditation can take many forms: concentrating single-pointedly on an (internal) object, trying to understand some personal problem, generation a joyful love for all humanity, praying to an object of devotion, or communicating with our own inner wisdom. Its ultimate aim is to awaken a very subtle level of consciousness and to use it to discover reality, directly and intuitively.

Meditation is not spacing-out or running away. In fact, it is being totally honest with ourselves: taking a good look at what we are and working with that in order to become more positive and useful, to ourselves and others. Our mental disorders, delusions, jealousy, anger, desire, PRIDE. Theses arise from our misunderstanding of reality. Through meditation we can recognize our mistakes and adjust our mind to think and react more realistically, more honestly.

When we have problem or we feel emotionally upset, we can sit down and make our mind calmer with a fee minute of meditation on the breath. Then, taking a step back from our thought and emotions, we can try to understand what’s going on. “What kind of thoughts are going through my mind? What emotions are arising?” Within the calm, clear space of meditation, it will be easier to recognize where our thinking is erroneous and to adjust it by bringing in more realistic and beneficial ideas that we have learned from our spiritual study and practice.

Choosing to be…

Another book that I’ve had for some time that is still groundbreaking to this day “PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS A New Technique of Using Your SUBCONSCIOUS POWER” By Maxwell Maltz, M.D.,F.L.C.S. A little tidbit, “Psycho-Cybernetics is a term coined by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, which means, “steering your mind to a productive, useful goal so you can reach the greatest port in the world, peace of mind.” In the chapter You Can Acquire The Habit of Happiness under Happiness is Good Medicine Psychosomatic medicine has proved that our stomachs, liver, heart, and all our internal organs function better when we are happy. Proverbs 17:22 “A merry heart doth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drouth up the bones.” As a means towards righteousness and the good life. Dr. Schindler has said that unhappiness is the sole cause of all psychosomatic ills and that happiness is the only cure. The very word “disease” means a state of unhappiness–“dis-ease.”

Happiness is not something that is earned or deserved. Happiness is not a moral issue, anymore than the circulation of the blood is amoral issue. Both are necessary to health and wellbeing. Happiness is simply a “state of mind in which our thinking is pleasant a good share of the time.”

In my conclusion I  recommend these three books and the three antidotes I prescribed. You can add your source from your belief. You have to remove yourself, since religion can be so selfish and dogmatic never believing someone or some other group to have appropriate answers or solutions. Cultivate your own happiness, learn to walk in it. Remember it is a practice, it is a choice.

Written by John the Revelator


Its late in the night and sit at my keyboard and ponder. I ponder a thought, that thought is where we are as far as our point of view is concerned. In writing this I remember what my hero of the pen, James Baldwin said, “writing is the scariest thing a person can embark, you open yourself to criticism and vulnerability.” This rings so true, I remember writing my first book “God the Bible and Politics.” I look back on when I wrote it and I ask my self why, I’ve grown since the contents of the book. I will admit, I put myself out there, I stood in front of people with my point of view.

What I’m getting at or too, are we the same person 5 years ago? If you say yes, we have a problem. I can only speak of myself. When I wrote this book my mindset on life differed as it is today. I’ve grown as a human and as person. What I thought I knew then so I thought was balanced and accurate. I looked at things through the lens of spirituality with no practical experience, it was to only prove  Rom 3:4 to be true 4 By no means! Although everyone is a liar, let God be proved true, as it is written,“So that you may be justified in your words, and prevail in your judging.” This scripture alone has three different references or meanings, it is a part of David’s prayer from Psalms 119, or it could mean the justice of god requires the judgment of injustice. I’m looking at it verbatim, people of faith to defend their personal god at all cost. Since I have left the faith, I’ve studied the scriptures not from the eyes of faith but from an historical perspective. We have to read the bible according to its own historical context and not put ourselves within the context. People are awaiting the return of their King yet everyone has gotten it wrong; why! The book of Revelation was written in the context of 1st century Rome, are we suffering under the Emperor of Rome? Each generation who reads this book tries to interrelate to themselves; it doesn’t work that way. I understand people read the scriptures for different reasons, it answers somethings but doesn’t answer other things. If it give comfort…good.

The overreaching question is, are we growing, are we maturing, are we challenging our true selves. I’m currently working on the rewrite for “God the Bible and Politics,” and I can assure you, it will not be the same book. To me, that is a good thing, since the landscape has broadened so has my thinking evolved. The hot buttoned issues during my talks or lectures were abortion and homosexuality. As I speak of the “landscape” I hold to “my”core beliefs with the exception I have to bring race and historical context, without it the conversation becomes stale and muddled, its about the “POV.”I’m at the same time writing my memoir entitled “My journey till know:From nothingness to faith back to life.” This work is special for this reason. We grow, we change, we have a better grasp or understanding of how pieces fit. The most important thing we have is experience, without it you are empty. I now can write with the confidence that I know what I speak is accurate and true. In Africa in order to become a good drummer you have to practice until the age 50 or 60, they believe your not good enough or haven’t reached your full potential.

We all have talents to offer, but we must first endure. We have to enjoy the process. Take for instance the month of February black history month. Folks argue if it should be done away with, I don’t concur. What have you individually done with it, what books have you read to influence your thinking. Our minds are our most precious assets. Its how we communicate with the ancestors and people. Its how our ideas are birthed and bought to light. It also is how we look and make sense of the world. We must have a sharpened or renewed mind. Through meditation and thinking we rid ourselves of bad thinking and vestiges that hinder our furtherance. This black history month has been the most special and productive of my life. I will share two things that you should read and watch. First, all black, brown, white should read the great work of Dr. Carol Anderson “White Rage,” and watch the documentary by James Baldwin “I am not your Negro.” These two works alone will give you a look into the psyche of “state” in which you live and challenge you as an individual.

Continue to sharpen your swords, write, think, let your fingers search for keystrokes to your thoughts…

Lets have a dialogue, share your thoughts…

Written by John the Revelator