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Pride is probably our biggest enemy. It’s a self-inflicting enemy. It’s an enemy of the mind stemming from the heart wrapped in a falsity. Once its mulled over you begin to rationalize it. You then become the self-inflicting victim.

Pride has 2 meanings, one negative the other positive. For the negative meaning, foolishly and irrationally corrupt sense of one’s personal value, status or accomplishments. For the positive feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from ones own accomplishment.

Pride is a two-headed monster, one that has to be self-contained. The real question is, who controls the enemy within? The other perspectives are, do you have to self contained will or are you under the divine province of a deity’s rule? However you fancy it, pride is self-contained within each of all of us. Pride is selfish and agitating agent disguising itself a truth.

How do we self contain pride? We have to be mindful, meaning being aware. As street language goes, know when your being full of shit. But awareness allows us to see, truths we don’t want too see but need to see. The time pride works the most and best against you is when your hurt. This is the time we allow our guard down the most. This is when “you” begin to justify wrongdoing, and becoming postured to self-identity. As we continue lets see exactly what Proverbs 16:18 in relation to this. We can look to the scriptures, but we will notice one thing; conflict! Pride presents itself as negative in all respects except for maybe in 2Cor 5:12, 7:4. Even in Paul’s explanation it never is about the individual, since the individual is always incorrect. We can boast of others but not boast of ourselves. Remember we are reading form a different time period compared to our own, so denotations of words and meanings all differ. Again pride is presented as always a negative, described as such, presumption, vanity, vain boasting, haughtiness and arrogance. Quoting from a text “pride makes impossible a right perspective toward both God and man”. My contention remains “only plans which coincide with Gods purposes will succeed”. This coming from a humanist perspective, is egregious and erroneous, self is eliminated. It’s as if we can’t do anything aside from the help of a deity, even making and informed opinion or decision.

So if we look to Proverb 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall, not pride goeth before a fall. This simply shows that destruction is the end result of pride.

Pride disguises itself as false humility. Really the root we’ve seen is personal, such as regret, self-hate or loathing…but mostly unhappiness. We can attach emotion on to anything to justify our current feelings.

The remaining question is how do we overcome this. The secret folks, is you! Others and things brings us temporal joy. The first step in this journey is becoming aware, knowing you and being honest with ones self. I’m going to keep the prescription simple, but before I do we need to look at the number one component, the heart. The heart regarded as the seat of affections, the seat of intellect, also the will. Often it signifies the innermost being. Lastly the word heart implies the whole moral nature of fallen humanity. In the last part we will deal directly with overcoming. The bible only tells you to not lean to yourselves or your own understanding; this doesn’t help people to overcome. We live in a practical world, so we need practical advice and antidotes.

Written by John the Revelator


Proverbs 17:28Even fools who keep silent are considered wise;
when they close their lips, they are deemed intelligent. NRSV

I posted a poem entitled my centre. The poem has to do with inner reasoning and perception. Only you can know “you” no book or person can tell you who are. For me meditation is the the key. Proverbs named the wisdom book, this scripture was illuminated to me late one night. When I say illuminated I must first remove anything spiritual. The brain cannot speak what it doesn’t know. This verse speaks about the fool not being able to comprehend in its simplest terms, nothing more. My epiphany is there is wisdom in “Even fools who keep silent are considered wise; when they close their lips, they are deemed intelligent.” this is the truer form of mindfulness the becoming of the awareness. Silence speaks to you! In the silence is when you find your answer, the answer that can unlock countless mysteries. This silence is more profound than you will ever know. 1. Beliefs come first 2. Explanations of those beliefs come second.

Written by John the Revelator